An Affordable, miniaturisEd, clOud-connected system

powered by deep Learning algorithms for comprehensive air qUality meaSurements based on highly integrated mid-IR photonic

The quality of the air we breathe is a vital asset affecting human health and well-being, as well as environmental resources such as water, soil and forests. 

AEOLUS aims to be the first to provide a field-tested holistic air quality solution that is affordable, cloud-connected and ‘smart’ as well as facilitating and encouraging citizen engagement and its widespread deployment into our communities, to meet the needs of Smart City applications and ultimately pave the way to affect necessary changes in our lives.

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AEOLUS in a nutshell

Project CoordinatorProf. Hercules Avramopoulos (ICCS/NTUA)
Starting date01/01/2021
Duration in months36
Call (part) identifierH2020-ICT-2020-2
Advancing photonics technologies and application driven photonics components and the
innovation ecosystem
Project Number101017186
EU Contribution€4,036,408.75


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