AEOLUS | 3rd Plenary meeting

The 3rd AEOLUS plenary meeting took place on Friday 9th of June at AMO premises in Aachen, Germany. AEOLUS partners met to share the progress of the project and organize their next steps. 👉🏽Stay tuned for more!      

AEOLUS at Graphene Conference 2022

AEOLUS project was presented among different EU projects at Graphene Conference 2022 (July 5-8, Aachen). AEOLUS was part of our project partner’s booth AMO. The International Conference on Graphene & 2D Materials is an event that includes a series of lectures, poster sessions, workshops, exhibition and symposium. AMOs mission as a research oriented company is …

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NEW publication | 2D materials for future heterogeneous electronics

A new publication entitled “2D materials for future heterogeneous electronics” by Max Lemme and colleagues in Nature Communications, Deji Akinwande, Cedric Huyghebaert and Christoph Stampfer is online. Graphene and two-dimensional materials (2DM) remain an active field of research in science and engineering over 15 years after the first reports of 2DM. The vast amount of …

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A new AEOLUS Publication is out!

The article “Wafer-level hermetically sealed silicon photonic MEMS” is now online. The publication is an open access article written by Gaehun Jo, Pierre Edinger, Simon J. Bleiker, Xiaojing Wang, Alain Yuji Takabayashi, Hamed Sattari, Niels Quack, Moises Jezzini, Jun Su Lee, Peter Verheyen, Iman Zand, Umar Khan, Wim Bogaerts, Göran Stemme, Kristinn B. Gylfason, and …

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TRIAGE 1st newsletter is now online!

We are happy to announce that the first TRIAGE newsletter is now online. In this newsletter, among others, TRIAGE provides info about ECREAM – European Cluster of Research projects for Environmental and Agri-food Monitoring establishment. AEOLUS project is a proud member of ECREAM. ➡️ You may read the newsletter at  🔗

Hybrid seminar @ AMO GmbH

Hybrid seminar at AMO GmbH, with Nour Negm presenting her latest results on process development for fabricating suspended waveguides for optical non-dispersive infrared (NIDR) gas sensing. Nour Negm‘s work is part of the H2020 projects #ULISSES and AEOLUS, which target the realization of an advanced sensing system for air-quality monitoring based on cloud-connected, miniaturized multi-gas sensors. More information on the projects: …

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NEW publication is out!

The publication “A large-area single-filament infrared emitter and its application in a spectroscopic ethanol gas sensing system” written by Stephan Schröder from AEOLUS project partner KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is now online. According to the publication’s author Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) spectroscopy is an important technology for highly accurate and maintenance-free sensing of gases, such …

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AEOLUS is now part of ECREAM

AEOLUS project is now part of the European Cluster of Research projects for Environmental and Agri-food Monitoring | ECREAM. ECREAM consists of  Η2020 programmes working in environmental and food monitoring, and it is organized by H2020 TRIAGE. All cluster projects will share objectives and technologies while the group will work together to ensure compatibility of …

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Kick-off meeting of AEOLUS project

Kick-off meeting of AEOLUS is held on 19 20/1/2021 by means of a conference call. The project runs from 1/1/2021 to 31/12/2023 and is coordinated by the PCRL. AEOLUS: An Affordable, miniaturisEd, clOud-connected system powered by deep Learning algorithms for comprehensive air qUality meaSurements based on highly integrated mid-IR photonic Purpose: The task of the …

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