NEW publication is out!

The publication “A large-area single-filament infrared emitter and its application in a spectroscopic ethanol gas sensing system” written by Stephan Schröder from AEOLUS project partner KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY is now online.

According to the publication’s author Nondispersive infrared (NDIR) spectroscopy is an important technology for highly accurate and maintenance-free sensing of gases, such as ethanol and carbon dioxide. However, NDIR spectroscopy systems are currently too expensive, e.g., for consumer and automotive applications, as the infrared (IR) emitter is a critical but costly component of these systems. At this publication we report on a low-cost large-area IR emitter featuring a broadband emission spectrum suitable for small NDIR gas spectroscopy systems. The infrared emitter utilizes Joule heating of a Kanthal (FeCrAl) filament that is integrated in the base substrate using an automated high-speed wire bonding process, enabling simple and rapid formation of a long meander-shaped filament. Also, the critical infrared emitter characteristics are been described, including the effective infrared emission spectrum, thermal frequency response, and power consumption. Finally, the author integrates the emitter into a handheld breath alcohol analyzer and show its operation in both laboratory and real-world settings, thereby demonstrating the potential of the emitter for future low-cost optical gas sensor applications.

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