Project Objectives

Empowered by its ambitious vision, AEOLUS aims to develop an affordable multi gas photonic sensor, as well as a cloud connected, Big Data analytics assisted, smart sensing platform. More specifically, AEOLUS will:

  • Capitalise on well-established Silicon (Si) platform, develop low cost and miniaturized, allowing for high integration sensing elements with enhanced performance
  • Leverage CMOS compatible Germanium on Insulator processes and extend detection range up to ~10 μm
  • Use wafer level processes to considerable minimize the sensor’s cost and footprint
  • Demonstrate a system on chip integrated photonic sensor for multiple gases
  • Use well established embedding PCB technologies to ensure proper thermal management
  • Develop and validate Deep learning models that will provide emerging patterns, accurate chemometric analysis and predictions
  • Leverage IoT testbed and demonstrate supporting IoT services, including air quality visualisation, real time health and safety security alerts, real time commands execution, and gamification
  • Validate and Demonstrate affordable AEOLUS multi-gas smart sensing system to TRL7, and propel its comprising technologies beyond the technological ‘valley of death’
  • Deliver a holistic roadmap and business plan analysis for the path to market of sensing platform and exploitation plan