Work Packages

In order to achieve the objectives of AEOLUS, the work-plan follows a step wise approach, organized and split into the following work packages (WPs):

  • WP1: Project Technical and Administrative Management
  • WP2: Specifications and definition of fabrication and assembly processes
  • WP3: Design and fabrication of AEOLUS photonic sensing system building blocks
  • WP4: Fabrication and characterization of AEOLUS gas sensing PICs
  • WP5: Holistic system assembly οf AEOLUS gas sensing prototypes
  • WP6: IoT platform development and demonstration of AEOLUS smart sensors in an operational environment
  • WP7: Dissemination/Exploitation/Standardization

WP1 is responsible for the overall management and coordination, and the interaction of partners, monitoring the progress of the technical outcomes and the accomplishment of the project milestones and related deliverables. 

WP2 feeds all technical WPs with the specifications of the targeted smart photonic sensing prototypes and also defines the fabrication and packaging process flows. Moreover, within WP2, AEOLUS IoT platform and the data analytic tools to be used in the evaluation of the sensing units will be defined in detail, as well as the use cases and scenarios to be evaluated in the final lab-scale and field-trial demonstrators.

WP3 is responsible for the design and fabrication of AEOLUS photonic sensing system building blocks, namely i) the Si waveguides and passives, ii) the broadband thermal source, iii) the graphene photodetector and iv) all Ge components. 

WP4 focuses on the fabrication of AEOLUS gas sensing PICs. Tasks included in this WP deal with the design of AEOLUS photonic sensing system’s on-chip optical interfaces, the evaluation of the thermal behaviour of AEOLUS sensing 2PIC through extensive thermal studies and the fabrication, PIC level packaging and characterization of AEOLUS photonic gas sensing system PICs. 

WP5 includes the system integration, packaging and housing tasks of the AEOLUS. In detail, within this WP, the housing PCB of AEOLUS prototypes will be designed and used for the system integration of the smart photonic sensor modules. Network interfaces and data acquisition required electronics will be also placed on the host PCB, which will later by housed in a packaged, suitable for the AEOLUS sensor unit’s deployment in a real operational environment. Moreover, this WP is also addressing the optimization of AEOLUS manufacturing chain towards mass production volumes.

WP6 is responsible for the deployment of AEOLUS IoT platform and data analytics tools and the evaluation of the developed smart photonic gas sensor prototypes under laboratory and field demonstrations. Finally, 

WP7 is responsible for the dissemination, exploitation and standardization activities of AEOLUS technology by receiving the experimental performance evaluation results in real application scenarios.