Kick-off meeting of AEOLUS project

Kick-off meeting of AEOLUS is held on 19 20/1/2021 by means of a conference call. The project runs from 1/1/2021 to 31/12/2023 and is coordinated by the PCRL.

AEOLUS: An Affordable, miniaturisEd, clOud-connected system powered by deep Learning algorithms for comprehensive air qUality meaSurements based on highly integrated mid-IR photonic


The task of the AEOLUS research project is to establish an interconnected monitoring network for the level of environmental gas concentration, utilizing integrated photon sensor circuits.

Integrated photonic sensor circuits shall be designed and implemented to measure in real time the concentration in the air of a series of gases, using spectrographic methods in the area of the middle infrared wavelength window. Monitoring of the concentration level of these gases will achieve both the assessment and assessment of air quality in the presence of polluting gases and greenhouse gases and the assessment of the risk of presence in a specific environment of toxic gases. These photonic sensors will be an integrated System-on-Chip (SoC) detection system solution as they will consist of all the necessary operating components, and a specific light source, sensor element, and photosensing element.

The construction of sensor modules will be achieved by utilizing innovative electronic board integration technologies (Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)), thereby minimizing the total size of the unit while achieving effective heat induction by the integrated circuit. As the construction of these prototypes will be based on a unit based approach, it will be possible to optimally distribute sensors, allowing different sensor units to be deployed to meet the requirements.